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About Us

Miguel Guerra (artist/writer) and Suzy Dias (writer/editor) don't fit into little boxes. They never let a genre get in the way of a good story.

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Our Stuff

Earth Dream: The Indie Anthology

★FREE★ Earth Dream: The Indie Illustrated Anthology

Earth Dream is sci-fi/fantasy anthology featuring over 80 pages (11 short stories) by cutting edge indie creators! The premier issue presents mind-blowing, original work in a never-ending exploration of ideas. Be inspired this Earth Day and support indie artists and writers...for FREE!

Super Corporate Heroes

With great power, take no responsibility! As Jackie Chan is to Bruce Lee, so Super Corporate Heroes is to Alan Moore’s "Watchmen". After powerful companies decimate the golden age of non-profit superheroes, new rules are designed and a new generation of superheroes use their extraordinary powers to earn a living.

★FREE★ Samurai Elf

Don't you die before this ends! This sci-fi/fantasy series follows an unwilling hero as he witnesses the massive failures that plunge his world into a global war. When all he has left are his friends and a single-minded need for the truth, life on the edge forces him to raise his sword or fall on it. Our hero chooses to forge a new path. Download 8 issues for FREE!

Wolf Boy & His Magical Warriors

Like a pie in the face of history! If you cross "Conan the Barbarian" with "SpongeBob SquarePants" and add a sprinkling of "Indiana Jones", you'll begin to understand. This quirky all-ages series introduces kids to major events in ancient history.

Super Kid Heroes

One-of-a-kind comic book covers starring your child! We created original superheroes for boys and girls, which we use as templates. Choose your child’s favorite and we’ll add their smiling face. The perfect gift they'll love forever.

Miguel Guerra's Portfolio

Miguel Guerra is a comic book creator, artist, and writer. His short stories and art have graced the pages of various small publishers and companies, like Heavy Metal and the National Book Foundation.

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