Amigurumi Kawaii Star and Bear Keychains (FREE pattern links)

I was looking for amigurumi keychain ideas for my kids. I found a couple of free patterns that are great

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In Progress: Super Corp Heroes vol.2 is Under Way!

I’m finally getting to work on Super Corporate Heroes again – woohoo!  I’m dying to get this book done. There

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Amigurumi: Angry Birds Terence the Big Bird (Free Sphere Pattern)

Another request from my son – the giant size Angry Bird named Terence. I agreed so I could experiment with

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Earth Dream cover sample: FREE anthology (coming soon)

Here’s the work in progress cover for the 2016 Earth Dream: The FREE Indie Anthology…

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Amigurumi: Franken-head for Halloween

The Fall instantly makes me think of a new school year and Halloween. Here’s my little Frankenstein head. Maybe I’ll

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