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The Latest in a Long Adventure with Finn

The Adventure Time Crochet files continues…

This is my latest Finn in a long line of happily made toys based on Adventure Time. The one thing about crochet that reminds me of drawing is that you can keep trying. Erase or unravel – pick your poison. I like thinking of new designs and improving on my favorite characters until they’re as close as I can get them to what I picture in my head. This Finn is nearly there. I have one tweak left to make – smaller ears on his hat. Otherwise, I think it captures his fun, child-like sweetness. I hope you like him too.

For more pics or commission info, click here to visit my shop.

Crochet Adventure Time FInn by Suzy Dias     Crochet Adventure Time FInn by Suzy Dias

Crochet Adventure Time FInn by Suzy Dias     Crochet Adventure Time FInn by Suzy Dias

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