Crochet Wars: Learn the Ways of the Hook! #Amigurumi #StarWars by #SuzyDias

Crochet Wars: You Must Learn the Ways of the Hook!

Making these crochet Star Wars toys was so much fun!

The only thing that made it better was I made them for a huge Star Wars fan wanted to add these to his collection (scroll down to see more pics).

Star Wars Crochet

Firstly, a big shout out to Lucy Collins‘ for her book, “Star Wars Crochet”. Before seeing her book, I wouldn’t even know how to approach simple, scaled down versions of these characters. Some of these I crocheted by following the patterns and other, but newer characters, I created my own (see below). Isn’t crochet fun? From a simple base comes a million ideas.

Click on an image for more pics.


Crochet Star Wars Amigurumi BB-8 by Suzy Dias


Crochet Star Wars Amigurumi Rey by Suzy Dias

Wicket the Ewok

Crochet Star Wars Amigurumi Ewok by Suzy Dias

Kit Fisto

Crochet Star Wars Amigurumi Kit Fisto by Suzy Dias

Anakin Skywalker

Crochet Star Wars Amigurumi Anakin by Suzy Dias

And finally…Darth Vader

Crochet Star Wars Amigurumi Darth Vader by Suzy Dias





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