Sunday Art with Dad – Today’s Theme is #Pokemon #kidsart

Drawing with Dad

One thing about having a dad that’s an artist is that your kids drive him crazy asking if he can draw something while he’s working. Sometimes they catch Miguel on a good day and he obliges them. Today’s theme was Pokémon and he was happy to give a drawing of Drago Knight! Once Miguel sketches out the character, they ink it and then color it. This is from our 9 year old son…

Pokemon Kids Art

Step 1: Pencils

Pokemon Kids Art

Step 2: Ink

Pokemon Kids Art

Step 3: Color

Sunday’s are for Kids to Draw Too

Other times they take some tips from good ‘ol dad and draw it out all by themselves. This is our little 7 year old daughter’s drawing. I like her action poses and expressive faces. A chip off the old block!

Pokemon Kids Art




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