Welcome to Bureaucracy Sketch for a Future Sci-Fi Story by #MiguelGuerra

Sci-FI Welcome to Bureaucracy sketch for 'Nomad' by Miguel Guerra

Comic Page Breakdowns: Welcome to Bureaucracy

One of the latest stories I’m working out is this. I did a few sketches including this one that shows “Nomad” (tentative title) arriving at a new city. Yes, the future has red tape and annoying civil servants.

I wanted to include a wack of different looking characters in this one. Try out new faces, body types and clothes. That’s the fun part of creating new worlds.

This is taken from a short story which will appear in our next volume Earth Dream: The FREE Indie Anthology (click here for free copies).

Sci-FI Welcome scene for 'Nomad' by Miguel Guerra

Earth Dream: The FREE Indie Anthology


Earth Dream: FREE indie anthology (click here for 2 issues)

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