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about“Between being born and dying there are stories.”

– Suzy Dias (hey, if we don’t quote ourselves, who will?)

Miguel Guerra

On a typical day, Miguel Guerra gives historical tours of Paris. By night you’ll find him hunched over his drawing desk, squinting into the red-eyed hours of the morning, basking in the chaos of creating comics and freelance illustrations.

Suzy Dias

By day, Suzy Dias is an English teacher in Paris, but after hours she’s a devotee at the church of pencraft, where she spends countless hours forging plots and writing comics, books and short stories. With a propensity for crochet, Suzy also creates quirky amigurumi toys, hats, scarves and anything slightly weird.

Notable Achievements

Among their achievements are publishing a few short stories in Heavy Metal (“Bedbugs” in July 2007, “Insomnia” in January 2010 and “A Lonely Cry in Space” in May 2010) and having Samurai Elf picked up by the New York Public Library. Miguel’s illustrations have also appeared in Forbes Magazine and the National Book Foundation in New York.

Heavy Metal links:

July 2007, “Bedbugs”

January 2010, “Insomnia”
May 2010, “A Lonely Cry in Space”

7 Robots from the bottom up

Together, these partners in crime co-founded 7 Robots Inc., where they publish their own work as well as collaborate with fellow indie creators on anthologies like Earth Dream and Gwan. Their titles include Super Corporate Heroes (satire, lampooning corporate America), Samurai Elf (sci-fi/fantasy) and Wolf Boy and His Magical Warriors (all ages, comedy).
*Scroll down for more information on each title.

Suzy and Miguel also co-host a new web series in production now called Paris à la Geek, where they explore the geek fab sub-culture of comics in Europe (through the eyes of an American). They’ll explore the good, the bad and the freaky as they get to know the Paris comics scene.

More information….
Book Info/PR page
Promo photos of Miguel & Suzy
Miguel’s portfolio / www.MiguelGuerra.com
Our Blog for all art
7 Robots Shop

Our comics

Here are all of our comics and graphic novels so far. There will always be more. We are always working. We will never stop because it’s too much fun.

Wolf Boy & His Magical Warriors

FREE Sample: Wolf Boy & the Wrath of Stickybeard

Our first published comic came in 2005 with Wolf Boy and the Wrath of Sticky Beard, about ridiculously dumb and loveable boy raised by a two-headed wolf mother and possessing extraordinary strength and speed. Hijinks, magic, fun, and highflying adventure weave their way through every volume. This madcap trio sinks Atlantis, topples the Great Wall of China, destroys the Colossus of Rhodes, get Socrates arrested, and burns down the Library of Alexandria. Few can claim to have set history screaming off course more often than Wolf Boy and his Magical Warriors!

Join Wolf Boy, Monkey King, and Penthesilea (“Thesi”) the Amazon for a fantastical romp of epic proportions. [Read more…]

Samurai Elf

Samurai Elf: FREE sci-fantasy comics

Their first graphic novel was Samurai Elf®, a five-part sci-fi/fantasy series that follows an unwilling teen hero as he witnesses the massive failures that plunge his world into a global war.

When all he has left are his friends and a single-minded need for the truth, life on the edge forces him to raise his sword or fall on it. Our hero chooses to forge a new path. Follow this teen through a series of awakenings that will bring balance to the world or smash it in two. [Read more…]

Super Corporate Heroes

Free Sample: Super Corporate Heroes (v1)

See what happens when superheroes are pay to play. Here’s a hint: they get ugly.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Suzy and Miguel lambast everything from the economy and superheroes being broke or filthy rich, to comic book stereotypes, female heroine stereotypes, and the dominance of a few companies over everything from comics to big banks. [Read more…]

eBooks also available from:

Amazon Kindle Google Play  DriveThru Comics   

Click here for the FREE sample.

Earth Dream: The FREE Indie Illustrated Anthology

Earth Dream vol.2: FREE Indie Anthology

2014 brought one of their most creative ideas that encompassed the entire indie comic community…a FREE annual anthology to showcase indie talent.

We’re talking real independents — artists and writers who wish they could complain about the lousy pay they get from one of the top publishers. Enter into the scene… Earth Dream: The Indie Illustrated Anthology. The FREE annual sci-fi and fantasy anthology featuring some of the indie scene’s most talented creators and their mind-blowing short stories. The goal of Earth Dream is to introduce truly independent artists and writers to a worldwide audience. What’s the best way to do this? Offer a kick ass anthology crammed full of fantastic short stories. [Read more…]

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Miguel & Suzy
Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias: 7 Robots Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias: 7 Robots Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias: 7 Robots
Miguel Guerra
Miguel Guerra : 7 Robots Miguel Guerra : 7 Robots Miguel Guerra : 7 Robots
Suzy Dias
Suzy Dias: Writer, editor & amigurumi enthusiast at 7 Robots Suzy Dias: Writer, editor & amigurumi enthusiast at 7 Robots Suzy Dias: Writer, editor & amigurumi enthusiast at 7 Robots














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