CRASH BOOM POP! Money & Economics Exposed

CRASH BOOM POP! Money & Economics Exposed

“Economics is full of lies, damn lies, and statistics – to paraphrase.” Mark Twain

CRASH BOOM POP! is a graphic novel (comic) series that follows our quest as confused students to understand the truth behind the latest economic crash, austerity, private debt, student debt, the mortgage crisis, and more.

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• Press Release: CRASH, BOOM, POP!: Money and Economics Exposed, Vol.1 (coming soon)
• Successfully funded on Kickstarter and StartJoin.
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Wouldn’t it be great to learn about the economy in a way that didn’t suck? To expose how money and economics actually work; to present the facts and highlight the absolute nonsense they teach us in school, but without all the complicated rhetoric…and make it as easy as reading a comic book.

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Economics is full of BS — but there is an alternative. Bank bailouts, quantitative easing, housing bubbles, austerity, etc. – are all economic policies putting most of us in the poorhouse. You can fight back…but how? Knowledge is power! This series is all about common sense, humor and great illustrations. It’s 100% bull free.

Too many of us are living paycheck to paycheck. Income inequality is a worldwide problem. Students are graduating with record debts. Trillion dollar wars are charged to the national credit card of debt. We’re inheriting economies in crisis, with endless money printing, dismal job opportunities, sky high tuition fees and a housing market no one can afford.

These are baffling questions for many…including actual economists. Yes, that’s right. Much of what economists actually believe – and teach in their incredibly boring textbooks – is wrong.

As a team with a background in finance, education and economics, we read a copious amount of books that cut through the confusion: Steve Keen’s “Debunking Economics”, Ann Pettifor’s “Just Money – How to Break the Despotic Power of Finance” and Ha-Joon Chang’s “23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism”, just to name a few. With the help of our advisor and friend Steve Keen, we can now share what we’ve learned.

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*The final book will be in full color. Click on the image to read our intro sample.

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Book Details

• Full color, 100+ pages
• Genre: Education, humor
• Audience: Teen +
• Estimated Release Date: November 2015

Meet the Team

The CRASH, BOOM, POP! team includes comic creators Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias, and writer Genevieve Tran (watch her TED Talk on financial literacy for the next generation).

Meet Steve Keen
Our mentor and muse is Professor Steve Keen, Head of the School of Economics, Politics and History at Kingston University London, founder of the Minsky open source economic simulator, and author of the bestselling, “Debunking Economics”. He’s also the founder of Debtwatch and the winner of the 2010 Revere Award of Economics from the Real-World Economic Review for being the economist, “who first and most clearly anticipated and gave public warning of the Global Financial Collapse and whose work is most likely to prevent another GFC in the future.”

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Overheard: Pow! Zap! Wham! Get Ready for Comic Book Economics. Wall Street Journal


Ultimately, graphic novels and comics are just a medium. Usually it’s associated with just superheroes or whatnot, but…anything will lend itself to a graphic type interpretation. Keiser Report (ep 675)


This is just brilliant, I really love it and I can’t wait to see it. Erin Aide on “Boom Bust” as she interviews Steve Keen (ep 227)


CRASH, BOOM, POP! is a tongue-in-cheek graphic novel or cartoon book series by Genevieve Tran, Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias, created with the help of economist Steve Keen and IDEAeconomics.


Ways to Lure the Young into Critical Thinking…We not only aim to get you to read economics, but to be so fired up about it that you will be THAT guy or THAT gal raging at the pub (in a totally attractive way). Mint Press News


Professor Keen is acting as mentor and muse to the ‘Crash, Boom, Pop!’ team behind the idea, who include comic creators Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias, and writer Genevieve Tran. Every Investor


A “novel” project is underway at the Institute for Dynamic Economic Analysis (IDEA). The idea is to create a multi-volume cartoon illustrated economics story that explains with humor and visual impact just what the ideas are that form the foundation of economics.  Global Economic Intersection


Steve Keen and IDEAnomics have launched a project to create a graphic version of Steve Keen’s book Debunking Economics – which is recommended and on our reading list – to try and make economic ideas outside the mainstream more accessible. PCES (Post-Crash Economics Society)


The won­der­ful team of Erin Ade, Ed Har­ri­son and friends at Boom Bust did a fan­tas­tic item on the Crash, Boom, Pop! project.  24hGOLD

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