Merry Felonies

Merry Felonies

Art by Miguel Guerra and written by Suzy Dias

Do you ever read the news and think something like this:

• Are these people are crazy?
• What in the world is going on?
• This must be a joke!
• You have got to be kidding!
• Whoever wrote this must be smoking something (and what is it…for future reference).

Well, so do we. The news is often so strange, illogical, ludicrous or horrible, a satirical spin is often needed to lighten the mood. And even if it’s not, we might do it anyway. Merry Felonies is our initial reaction to many top stories that we see in the news.

“Merry Felonies” Cartoon Strip

Miguel and Suzy put their sarcasm to work in creating this satirical cartoon strip that pokes fun at various events from around the world. Nothing and no one is above being needled, lampooned or parodied. Click here to see them all.

Merry Felonies Cartoon Strip by Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias

“Merry Felonies” Animation

When a cartoon strip isn’t quite enough to properly parody news events, there is animation. Suzy Dias uses a cut-out animation style inspired by Terry Gilliam of Monty Python and the Flying Circus to properly make fun of just about anything. Click here to watch.

Merry Felonies Animated Cartoons by Suzy Dias

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