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Paris à la Geek is the one and only web series that combines geek culture, comics and Paris. It’s a ménage à trois of madcap fun!

Paris à la Geek is a web series for people who love something. We’re not talking about what you do for a living. It’s that thing that sparks passion in your soul and puts a spring in your step. That thing that makes you roll up your sleeves and get busy! Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias explore all things comics and geek related and go one step beyond to make you feel like you’re here with us in Paris.

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What do Geeks do in Paris?

We like to travel and we move…a lot. We went from Toronto to New York to Paris (which we now call home) and are eager to explore the mainstream and underground European comics scene.

We’ll take you to all of the usual tourist hots pots, as well as explore hidden attractions and unusual things to do. From the Catacombes de Paris, the House of Nicolas Flamel (the famous alchemist), Montparnasse and Père Lachaise cemeteries, the Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures, and many more weird locations.

☆ For a “Quick Guide to Geek French”, scroll down or click here.

The show that’s à la carte

Along with visiting fun and freaky places, we’re also big on doing things for ourselves. DIY rules! We create our own comics, make all types of art, produce cartoons, have fun with videos and we’re part of a fantastic, ever growing comics community. We’ll hit conventions, festivals, comic shops, toy stores and anything we find along the way.

Practical Information

  • Art tutorials
  • Kids art tutorials
  • Writing tips
  • How to create your own comic books
  • Book reviews
  • Toy reviews
  • Meaningful information on self publishing
  • Cover cosplay events here in Europe
  • Taking your advice and suggestions for new shows

Did someone say crochet?

Suzy is in geek love with crochet. She makes fun hats, scarves and mittens, but her pièce de résistance is toys. She suffers from amigurumi madness! Suzy shares her latest work and free patterns, as well as creative projects from other people. She may even take your suggestions! To see more (the good, the bad and the ugly), click here for her blog.



Let’s Meet the Hosts

Suzy Dias and Miguel Guerra are co-founders of 7 Robots, where they create and publish their own comics and books. They co-host Paris à la Geek, the one and only web series that combines geek culture, comics and Paris. Now, let’s get to know a little bit about each of them…

Suzy Dias

Suzy Dias co-founder 7 Robots

By day, Suzy is an business English teacher, but after hours she’s a devotee at the church of pencraft, where she spends countless hours forging plots and writing comics. She’s also the resident writer, co-letterer, webmaster and video producer.

With a penchant for crochet, Suzy also creates quirky amigurumi toys, hats, scarves and anything slightly weird. Suzy’s Canadian with roots extending from Portugal to Brazil and France.

Miguel Guerra

Miguel Guerra from 7 Robots

On a typical day, Miguel Guerra gives historical tours of Paris. By night you’ll find him hunched over his drawing desk, squinting into the red-eyed hours of the morning, basking in the chaos of creating comics, paintings and illustrations. Miguel’s American with African American, Cherokee and Spanish roots.

☆ Click here for more on Suzy and Miguel and all of their comics.


A Quick Guide to Geek French:

au contraire, mon frère!au gratin (more cheese, please)
au naturel (cheeky monkey!)baguette (mmmm)
bon voyage! (have a great time)bon appétit! (enjoy the grub)
bourgeois (fancy pants)café (in copious amounts)
carte blanche (anything goes)c'est la vie! (that's life)
chauffeurchic (very elegant)
(that's so...) cliché!coup d'état (prepare for the geek revolution!)
croissant (soooo good)eau de toilette (ooh, you smell good)
excusez-moifaux pas (oops)
fiancé (congratulations)haute couture
macraméMardi gras (Fat Tuesday, baby)
nom de plumeprovocateur (you so crazy!)
papier-mâché(do it with...) panache!
prêt-à-porter (I'm ready to wear it)raconteur (tell me a story)
joie de vivre! (gotta lust for life)par excellence!
nuance (are you hinting at something)soupe, salade and an omelette
savoir-faire(you are a) tour de force
vive la différence!voilà! (there you go)

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