FREE Comic Sample: Super Corporate Heroes vol.1: Sticky Fingers

Super Corporate Heroes®

With great power, take no responsibility! Super Corporate Heroes slaps a satirical spin on everything we know about superheroes, money and power. The game is rigged and nobody seems to notice…except one (and he’s the villain).

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FREE Comic Sample of Super Corporate Heroes vol.1, Sticky Fingers

The narrative thread weaves around short vignettes detailing key moments in the lives of various superheroes that work for Superhero, Inc. The benefits of working for the company are fame and fortune. Their celebrity can dwarf the paparazzi frenzy of Hollywood stars and all-star athletes combined. The top earner and most famous is American Icon, a former country music star. His invulnerable strength is only matched by his binge drinking and playboy lifestyle. The hardest working superhero is Ms. Titanium. She’s just as strong as American Icon, but when she found out she’s only paid half his salary, she walks out to plot her revenge. Then there’s the working stiff heroes, who are overworked and often punished for saving people without a license. Enter Blue Collar (a.k.a. Hero in a Hatchback), a divorced father of three with more bills than cash, and Spinlar, a half fly, half spider Brazilian heartthrob who’s trying to live the American dream. His one problem? Spinning a web from his back end can keep even the best superhero’s career from advancing.

Instead of describing any more, you can click on the image below and (hopefully) enjoy our free comic sample.

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FREE COMIC Sample: Super Corporate Heroes v1 Sticky Fingers
FREE COMIC Sample: Super Corporate Heroes v1 Sticky Fingers
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